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How did handwarmers get so cute? I need one of each.

I included the orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer Electronic Portable Hand Warmer (Fast Warming Up, Double-Sided Warming, Reusable)” (yes, that is the product title on Amazon, haha) in my last blog post but these little gems need a lil post of their own.

I received one as a Christmas gift from my bestie and upon opening the box, was immediately smitten with its geometic styling. The peachy fade to blue color effect was enhanced by the geometric graphic planes and it has some heft to it without being heavy. Ok, its freeking cute, but how warm does it actually get?

A long press of the power button turns the warmer on and off, and there is a green indicator light that lets you know it’s powered up. Dang, it warms up instantly and gets almost hot! This feels way better in my hand than a traditional Hot Hands hand warmer. I am thinking I need a second one, for each pocket, and maybe that heat can warm my core, too. This weekend’s Snoverland event will be a good time to really put it to the test, as the temps will only top out in the 20s and campfire time lows of 0.

One last note- a surprise- if you short press the power button, you will discover there is a built-in flashlight. What a great feature for warming your hands on cold, short days and long nights. Thanks again, bestie, I know what everyone is getting for Christmas next year!

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