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National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps

The Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) displays the designated network of roads and trails for public motor vehicle use. The MVUM is your tool for knowing where you can legally operate your motor vehicle.

Midwest Women’s Offroad Network

Join our Facebook community, dedicated to supporting, educating and encouraging women’s involvement in off-road and overland pursuits.

Mapping Tools and Resources- GAIA

Become a Member to use maps offline, and access the best selection of outdoor maps. We recommend Gaia because it allows for the use of many map layers, including the NFS MVUMs, and road closure info is accessed directly on the map with just a touch. Use the Northology affiliate Gaia link to get 25% off your membership.

Mapping Tools and Resources- AVENZA

Use maps on your mobile devices and locate yourself without the Internet or network connections. Stay safe & aware of where you are, even in the remotest of places using the Avenza Maps app. Take Avenza Maps hiking, biking, climbing, camping and anywhere you need a map outdoors. Offline location helps you stay on track, on the trail, and out of restricted areas.

Michigan State-designated ORV trails and routes

There are three designated types of state-designated ORV trails, including: Motorcycle-only trails maintained at a 24″ width. ORV trails maintained at a 50″ width. ORV routes maintained at a minimum 72″ width or greater. See the MI DNR website for more information.


Northology ADV Maps