Adventure with us all year long! Northology is offering a limited number of discount passes that grant access to all six Northology hosted and sponsored events in 2024. No risk of events selling out before you get your ticket, you’ll already have them all! And at a huge discount, too! Comes with personalized ADV 365 pass and lanyard.

Events included:

  • MOORE Expo (with group camping!)
  • KORC Cleanup Campout
  • Women’s Offroad Weekend*
  • Patreon FREE ADV Weekend
  • Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat
  • Overland the Red

Over a $1000 value, only 10 available at the sale price for a limited time. *Eligibility restrictions may apply

Pass Validity:
The annual pass is valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase.
Passholders must present a valid photo ID along with their pass for entry.

Passholder Benefits:
The pass grants access to six Northology Adventure events of the passholder’s choice within the year.

Event Selection:
Passholders must select the events they plan to attend in advance and reserve their spots if required.
Events are subject to availability, and popular events may have limited passholder spots. Northology Adventure is not responsible for events that are beyond its control, such as weather-related cancellations or unforeseen emergencies.

The annual pass is non-transferable, and only the passholder may use it.

Some events may have eligibility restrictions. Passholders must adhere to these restrictions.

Event Policies:
Passholders are expected to follow all event rules and policies, including safety guidelines and codes of conduct.
Any violation of event policies may result in pass revocation without a refund. Northology Adventure reserves the right to revoke a pass if a passholder’s behavior is disruptive, abusive, or violates any rules.

Refund and Cancellation:
The annual pass is non-refundable once purchased.
Events may be canceled or rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, and passholders will be informed of such changes.

Lost or Stolen Pass:
Lost or stolen passes should be reported immediately.

Photo Release:
Passholders agree to the use of their image in promotional materials for Northology Adventure events.

Passholder Communication:
Northology Adventure may communicate with passholders through email or other provided contact information regarding events and updates.

Pass Pricing:
The price of the annual pass is subject to change, and passholders are responsible for checking for updates.

Right to Modify:
Northology Adventure reserves the right to modify these rules and policies at any time.